KMR-78-2 vegetable nursery seeding machine sold to Malaysia

Good news to Taizy! Our Malaysian client bought the KMR-78-2 vegetable nursery seeding machine with a capacity of 700 trays per hour. Our nursery seeder machine has a wide range of applications for vegetable seedlings raising, thus so popular all over the world. Let’s see this successful case together.

Malaysian customer background and requirements

The Malaysian customer is an amateur farmer who is passionate about vegetable cultivation and grows various types of vegetables on his own land. Since the seedling stage is crucial to the healthy growth of plants, he urgently needs efficient and reliable nursery seedling equipment to ensure good germination of seeds and healthy growth of seedlings

Advantages of Taizy vegetable nursery seeding machine

In response to the customer’s needs, we introduced him to our KMR-78-2 vegetable nursery seeding machine. This machine not only has an efficient automatic seeding function, but is also equipped with a watering section to provide appropriate humidity for seeds and seedlings. We emphasize the reliability, stability, and ease of operation of this seed sowing machine, as well as its superior performance in the seedling nursery process.

Nursery seeding machine
nursery seeding machine

As he learned more about the Tazer seedling nursery machine, the customer felt that it was exactly the seedling nursery solution he needed. Eventually, he ordered the machine quickly, and we arranged the delivery for shipment.

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