How to use vegetable seed sowing machine to raise seedlings?

Our vegetable seed sowing machine is an indispensable tool in modern agricultural production, which provides an efficient and precise environment and conditions for vegetable seedlings. The following will introduce the functions of the nursery raising machine and how to operate it for vegetable seedling raising.

Function of vegetable seed sowing machine

Nursery seeding machine
nursery seeding machine

Automatic seeding: The seedling machine can automatically sow vegetable seeds evenly into planting trays or incubators to ensure the appropriate density of seeds and reduce waste.

Precise control: Vegetable seed sowing machine provides precise control of various growth factors such as temperature, humidity, light, etc. to provide optimum growing conditions.

Irrigation system: The nursery seedling machine can automatically irrigate to maintain the proper humidity of the culture medium and provide enough water for seed germination and seedling growth.

Nutrient supply: Our seedling nursery machine can add nutrient solution or nutrients in the culture medium to provide seedlings with the required nutrients to promote growth and development.

Workflow for raising nursery seedlings

Planting tray preparation

First of all, prepare a planting tray suitable for the seedling nursery machine, and clean and sterilize it to make sure it is free of pests and diseases.

Seeds sowing

Spread the vegetable seeds evenly in the holes of the planting tray or load the seeds into the seeder according to the operating instructions of the nursery machine.

Setting parameters

According to the type of vegetables and seedling requirements, set the parameters of the seedling breeder, the number of seeds to be sown, the speed of sowing and so on.

Turn on the seeder

Turn on the power of the vegetable seed sowing machine and start the seeding and seedling raising program.

Regular inspection

During the seedling nursery process, check the germination of seeds and the growth status of seedlings regularly, and irrigate and add nutrient solution if necessary.


When the vegetable seedlings reach a certain stage of growth, they are transplanted to the field by a seedling transplanter for further growth as needed.

Operation video of nursery seeding machine

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