Introducing vegetable transplanter machine to the Philippines

In the pursuit of higher yields and more efficient agricultural production, a farmer in the Philippines has stepped into a new chapter of modern agriculture. By introducing a 12-row crawler vegetable transplanter machine from Taizy, they have modernized their farming while increasing productivity.

What are his needs for agriculture farming?

The farmer wanted to increase planting efficiency, reduce labor costs and maintain consistent planting quality. Considering the size of the field and the particular farming environment, the customer purchased two 12-row tracked seedlings transplanters, each with a working width of 1.4 meters, to suit his planting needs. The specific requirements are below:

  • Machine working width: 1.4 metres
  • Height of top of row: 130cm
  • Ridge height: 10cm
  • Row spacing: 10cm
  • Plant spacing: 10cm
  • Adjustable planting depth: 4-15cm

Taizy solution for the Philippines

In line with his needs, the tracked vegetable transplanter machine from Taizy stands out for its advanced technology and versatility. The adaptable adjustable planting depth feature allows it to be adapted to the needs of a wide range of crops, while the 12-row design increases the planting area at the same time. This equipment greatly meets the needs of this Filipino customer. Moreover, depending on the size of his planting area, the customer ordered 2 of these machines. The details of the order are as follows:

Crawler self-propelled transplanterCrawler Self-propelled Transplanter
Working width: about 140cm
Row distance:10cm
Plant distance:10cm
Planting depth:4-15cm
2 sets
machine list for the Philippines

How well is it being used in the Philippines?

Once the machine is in place, this farmer immediately begins to put it into production. The width of the vegetable transplanter machine allows it to cover large areas, while the adjustable planting depth ensures adaptability to different crops. The farmer had the flexibility to adjust the row and plant spacing to his needs, making the planting process more precise.

After a few planting cycles with the Taizy crawler-type vegetable transplanter machine, the farmer saw significant results. Not only have yields increased, but labor costs have been significantly reduced. Thanks to the machine’s height and planting depth adjustability, the machine was also able to better adapt to local soil and climate conditions, improving agricultural stability.

Inquiry about the vegetable transplanter machine!

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