What are the taboos of greenhouse vegetable cultivation in winter?

Many people do not know what taboos needs to be noted to grow vegetables with a seeder machine in winter, which leads to low survival rate of seedlings and affects yield.

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So what are the taboos of growing vegetables in greenhouses?

Excessive fertilization

 The temperature and humidity in the greenhouse are higher than outside, and the inner environment will make the organic fertilizer volatilize. Therefore, if you apply a large amount of fertilizer, it will easily cause damage to the seedlings.

Too high Temperature

The temperature requirement for planting vegetables is 25–32 ° C. Excessive temperature will inhibit seedling growth, and the vegetative growth and reproductive development of the plant will be out of balance. It also can cause the seedlings to grow too long, which needs to spray medicine to control in time.


The data shows that when two tomatoes are planted in one square meter, and 50% of the photosynthetic products will be consumed by the vegetative body, and the other 50% of the photosynthetic products will be used for fruit growth. If 4 plants are planted, the vegetative body will consume 70–80% of the photosynthetic product.Therefore, improper dense planting will lead to yield decreasing and bacterial diseases.

What should be done in winter greenhouse vegetable cultivation?

Greenhouse reinforcement

   Snow in winter is a common occurrence, especially in northern regions, where long-term snowstorms may occur. If the structure of the greenhouse is not strong, it will cause damage to the greenhouse if ther are snow accumulation.

Clean up snow in time

In heavy snow weather, managers need to observe the snow on the roof of the greenhouse in time. If the snow is thick, they need to be cleaned in time to reduce the pressure on the greenhouse and avoid the loss of the skeleton.

Heat preservation

   When it comes to snow, cold tide, or rainy days, the roof of the greenhouse can be covered with straw curtains and cotton to resist them. In addition, the surrounding snow should be removed in time to prevent the temperature in the greenhouse from being greatly reduced due to snow melting ,water evaporation and heat absorption.

 Vegetables fertilizing

Reduce the use of sulfide fertilizers, ammonium fertilizers, chlorinated fertilizers, phosphate fertilizers, and diammonium phosphate. The use of such fertilizers can easily burn the roots of the soil, and damage the soil structure and pH balance.

 Vegetables irrigating

Use drip irrigation. Irrigation time should be selected in the sunny and sunny morning. Do not irrigate at noon with sun or high temperature.

 The above are the taboos and winter management of vegetable greenhouse cultivation when using seeder machine.The most important thing for greenhouse vegetables is the regulation of temperature and humidity, and the management of water and fertilizer. Only in this way can the crops in the greenhouse grow vigorously, improving the the quality and yield.

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