What can you plant by nursery seeder in winter?

The weather is harsh in winter, and many vegetables are not resistant with such environment. But by using nursery seeder in a greenhouse, you can cultivate a variety of vegetables, so what can you plant in winter?

The planting of cold-resistant vegetables in greenhouses

Winter is the good season to plant rapeseed, artemisia annua, spinach, lettuce, pakchoi, cherry radish, etc. You need to apply organic fertilizer 1500-2000kg.

Artemisia annua, spinach, cherry radish, pakchoi should be planted directly. In addition, you should sow them evenly with thick and consistent soil. After sowing, a layer of plastic film can play a role of heat preservation and moisture retention, and it is timely removed when 50% of the seedlings emerge. What’s more, you shall strengthen management during seedling growth period.

Vegetable and fruits
Vegetables Planted By Nursery Seeder

Daily management and harvest of winter vegetables

Winter is the harvesting period for tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, and peppers, and it is also a critical period for management. Thermal insulation and cold protection, are two important tasks for farmers. Appropriate light, temperature and humidity should be done to avoid the formation of wet and cold environment, especially pay attention to changes in ground temperature.

The suitable ground temperature for tomatoes is about 20 ℃, and the minimum ground temperature in the early morning should be kept above 13 ℃; the most suitable temperature for celery growth is about 13 ℃, and the minimum temperature is not less than 10 ℃.

In addition, you need to remove the old, yellow and diseased leaves of the lower part of the plant. For vegetables that cannot grow overwintering, to promote fruit growth, you can continuously trim them. It is necessary to do artificial auxiliary pollination to remove too many fruits and deformed fruits so as that they are able to produce as many fruits as possible.

How to water seedlings?

You can adopt drip irrigation, which can save water and reduce indoor air humidity. Do not water in cloudy and snowy days. Cisterns can be set up in the greenhouse to increase the temperature of irrigation water. Do not use too much water each time when you water.

The skills To prevent the pests.

there are many cloudy days and haze days in winter. Low temperature and high humidity in the greenhouse are conducive to the occurrence and spread of various diseases of vegetables. We must strengthen the prevention and control of these diseases.

Inspection and management of vegetables

You should always check the temperature of such vegetables as Chinese cabbage, shallots, radishes, carrots. When the temperature is too high or too low, adjust it in time. In addition, you shall remove the yellow leaves and rotten leaves from the vegetables. For spinach and spring onions, you need to loose soil, and cover them with a layer of film or straw to keep warm.

Nursery seeder is a useful machine to cultivate vegetables and flowers in greenhouse, please contact us to know more if you are interested in it.

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