What is the cause of dead chili seedlings in greenhouses?

Many vegetables are now grown in greenhouses, so that we can eat fresh vegetables every season. Chili can dispel cold and dampness. Basically, when we cook at home, we will bring one or two chilis . If you can’t eat too spicy, there are many varieties of chillis, and you can choose according to your taste. At the same time, we must learn to deal with some unexpected situations when planting pepper by nursery machine.

Chili Nursery Machine

The sowing season

There are two sowing seasons, that is, spring and autumn. Spring is the best season for the chili seedlings, and the duration is about one month. Autumn planting is from July to August.

The flower buds on the lower half of the chili have been decomposed during the seedling stage, so it is important to cultivate strong seedlings. The proper temperature is important for seedling stage that usually lasts 35 days.

Green chili
Chili Planted By Nursery Machine

The types of fertilizers

Chili like potassium and phosphate fertilizers. Under normal circumstances, each acre of land needs 50kg of superphosphate. Excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer triggers larger leaves and shoots, which makes it easy to grow, but is not good for flowering, fruit setting and later growth. If that, the fruit is dark green and develops slowly. In addition, greenhouse planting in winter should begin at the end of September.

Chili greenhouse
Chili Seedling Planted By Nursery Seeding Machine

How to deal with the dead seeds?

Pay attention to the dead seeds if they are planted in greenhouses. Agricultural control is the main method. Rotation is implemented to improve soil and optimize cultivation methods. You can adopt high ridge and semi-high ridge cultivation ways, open the drainage systems, and low the temperature in the greenhouse. Meanwhile, you shall add the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizers to promote the growth of chilis, improving the disease resistance.

The harm of land that is used for a long time

Due to the relatively fixed planting in greenhouse, the soil become worse than before. The number of diseased debris in the soil increases year by year, and continuous spread will trigger dead seedlings. Controlling greenhouse temperature can also effectively prevent root diseases.

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