What kind of seedlings can be raised by a nursery seeding machine?

People in the world consume a lot of vegetables and fruits every day, which are necessary for the human body. For flowers, people usually can’t say no to beautiful things. However, because of the Earth’s climate, these all have a certain seasonality. If people need to have it in other seasons, it needs to be done with the help of machinery. For example, if want these vegetables, fruits, and flowers, we can use a nursery seedling machine to raise vegetable and flower seedlings, and then transplant the seedlings to suitable areas for growth.

Seedlings raised with a seedling machine

In fact, almost vegetables, melons, and flowers we can see can be raised by seedling machines. Vegetable, melon, flower, and other seedlings are listed as below:

Vegetable, for example, onion seedlings, tomato seedlings, pepper seedlings, lettuce seedlings, broccoli seedlings, spinach seedlings, eggplant seedlings, etc.

Melons, like cucumber seedlings, cantaloupe seedlings, watermelon seedlings, strawberry seedlings, etc.

Flowers, for example, peony seedlings, jasmine seedlings, and others.

Others, such as hemp, tobacco, sweet corn.

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Benefits of using seedlings

  1. Strong practicality. As we all know, everything is seasonal. So if people want to eat fresh food, they need nursery seeding machine to get various plants.
  2. Replenish the nutrients needed by the human body. Vegetables and melons contain a lot of vitamins. It can provide people with the vitamins they need and are essential nutrients that the body needs.
  3. Make profits. Business people know how important it is to get ahead. Seizing market opportunities can bring huge benefits to yourself, whatever they’re vegetable or flower seedlings.

Types of nursery seeding machine

After our years of research, the nursery machines sold meet people’s commercial and appearance needs. All can raise vegetable and flower seedlings for sale.

melon and fruit nursery seedling machine

This kind of tray seeding machine belongs to a semi-automatic nursery seeding machine KMR-78. You need to put the trays and cover soil manually, but the machine can automatically complete the digging the hole and sowing. Overall, this machine is a good value for money and is ideal for some farmers as nursery equipment.

This machine belongs to KMR-78-2. It totally completes the soil covering, hole digging, sowing, soil covering again, watering. This seeder machine has advantages of high efficiency, stable performance. Also, if you have a limited budget, you can buy the core part, gradually purchase the rest.

vegetable seedling machine with watering
flower nursery seeder machine

The machine is KMR-8o, the same functions as the KMR-78-2. The difference is that KMR-80 has a whole part of soil covering and digging and sowing, not separating. Of course, this seeding machine can be dissembled into two parts. If you have an interest, please contact us for more information.

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