Zambia customers visit Taizy nursery machine factory in 2023

In March 2023, customers from Zambia visited our nursery machine factory and discussed and viewed the functions, performance and manufacturer’s reputation of the nursery machine. Let’s take a detailed look below.

Date: March 2023

Location: Taizy nursery machine factory

Arrangements: Upon arrival of Zambian clients, we will pick up the client and arrange a luxury resort for the client to rest, and then arrange a vehicle to take the client to the factory for a visit.

Taizy nursery seedling machine, the world’s leading manufacturer of nursery machines, is once again in the international spotlight as a high-level agricultural delegation from Zambia visited the factory today to kick off a journey of potential co-operation.

The Zambian customers consisted of senior personnel and professional agricultural technicians involved in agriculture in the country, representing the agricultural sector of the Zambian government and the farming community. The purpose of their visit is to seek the latest agricultural technology and machinery equipment, especially in the field of seedling nursery, in order to promote Zambia’s agricultural production and improve food security.

Taizy nursery seeding machine advantages

Taizy Nursery Machine Factory has been known as a leader in the field of nursery machines for its advanced technology and high-quality products. The factory is equipped with state-of-the-art nursery seeder equipment and a top-notch R&D team that focuses on innovation to meet the growing global demand for agriculture.

Highlights for Zambian customers

During this visit, the Zambian clients will have the opportunity to tour the Taizy Nursery Machine factory and learn first-hand about the company’s manufacturing processes and technology. They will have the opportunity to see the manufacturing process of the nursery machines up close and personal, as well as learn how the equipment can be used to improve the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural production.

Key points of this visit

Nursery seedling machine factory overview
nursery seedling machine factory overview

The focus of the visit is to foster a partnership between Zambia and Taizy to meet the growing agricultural needs of Zambia. The co-operation is expected to provide Zambian farmers with efficient and reliable nursery solutions that will help increase the yield and quality of agricultural products, thereby improving the food supply and rural economy.

Video of Zambian clients visiting Taizy nursery machine factory

Taizy management expressed their great pleasure in welcoming the Zambian customers and look forward to future cooperation. This cross-border co-operation is expected to bring more innovations to the global agricultural sector and jointly address the challenges of global food security and sustainable development.

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