550-600 trays/h automatic nursery sowing machine sold to Russia

A large-scale vegetable farmer in Russia faced low efficiency, high cost and time-consuming substrate soil treatment when facing a large-scale onion seedling nursery task. After investigation, the customer chose Taizy’s fully automatic nursery sowing machine and matching mixer to achieve efficient and precise seedling raising work.

Taizy solution for Russia

We provide efficient seedling nursery seeder and mixer according to customer’s needs, the machine has the following advantages:

Advantages of fully automatic nursery seeding machine:

  • Efficient sowing: Taizy’s fully automatic nursery sowing machine realizes integrated operation from sowing to mulching, which greatly improves the sowing speed and uniformity of onion seedlings.
  • Precise control: The machine can accurately set the sowing depth and spacing to ensure a consistent growing environment for onion seedlings, which is conducive to later field management and high and stable yields.
Automatic nursery seeding machine
automatic nursery seeding machine

Spotlights of matching mixer for onion seedlings raising:

  • Crushing and mixing function: Our mixer can fully crush and evenly mix the substrate soil to ensure the air permeability and water retention of the seedling substrate, providing the best germination and growth conditions for onion seedlings.
  • Improve seedling quality: By precisely regulating the added moisture and other fertilizer components, the mixed substrate soil helps onion seedlings grow quickly and healthily, thus improving the overall seedling quality.
Mixing machine
mixing machine

Final order list for Russia

Nursery seedling machineNursery Seedling Machine
Model:KMR-78-2 with watering part
Capacity:550-600trays/hour the speed of the tray can be adjusted
principle:Electrical and air compressor
system:Automatic photoelectric counting system
material:Stainless steel
voltage:220V /110V 600w
size for seed:0.2- 15mm
width of tray:《540mm
size: 5600*800* 1600mm
1 pc
Power:5.5Kw+5.5Kw electric motor
Size:2.6* 1.15* 1. 12m
Extra 2 sets of sheave and belt
1 pc
Power: 370w
Material : stainless steel
Size : 3000*500*350mm
Weight : 120kg
1 pc
machine list for Russia

Customer feedback and after-sales service on automatic nursery sowing machine

After using our fully-automatic nursery sowing machine and mixer, Russian customers expressed their satisfaction with the effect of significantly improving the efficiency of the seedling nursery and reducing the labor cost, and appreciated the good stability and easy operation of the equipment.

At the same time, they also highly valued our after-sales support services, including timely technical guidance and maintenance services, which effectively guaranteed the smooth running of the whole nursery cycle.

If you also want to raise seedlings shortly and efficiently, welcome to contact us for more machine details and prices!

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