Automatic tray seeder helps Canadian vegetable industry

Canada is a multicultural country and its vegetable industry faces changing market demands. A Canadian customer, in response to the growing demand for vegetables, was looking for a solution to improve the efficiency of his nursery. He chose Taizy’s automatic tray seeder in anticipation of achieving higher yields and higher quality vegetable cultivation.

Advantages of our automatic tray seeder

Automation: Customers focus on improving efficiency, and the automation features of the Taizy nursery seeding machine allow growers to focus on other important agricultural tasks.

Flexibility: Adapted to Canada’s diverse vegetable market, the seedling grower supports a wide range of vegetables, from leafy greens to roots and tubers.

Precision planting: Taizy’s technology ensures that every seed is positioned and planted accurately in the most optimal environment for greater planting consistency and yield.

Looking through the above, this customer thought Taizy’s nursery seedling machine perfectly fits his needs. Thus, he placed the order for nursery seedlings raising and the purchase list is as below:

Nursery seedling machineModel: KMR-78-2
with watering part and a full set of spare parts
Capacity: 550-600trays/hour  (the speed of the tray can be adjusted)
Precision: >97-98%
Principle: Electrical and air compressor
System: Automatic photoelectric counting system
Material: Stainless steel
Power: 600w
Voltage: 220V/60Hz/single phase
Size for seed: 0.2-15mm
Tray size: Normal standard is 540*280mm
Size: 5600*800*1600mm
Weight: 540kg
1 set
machine list for Canada

Customer feedback after using the nursery seeding machine

The customer quickly experienced the many advantages of modern agriculture after introducing the Taizy automatic tray seeder. The operation of the fully automated nursery machine made the nursery process faster, allowing growers to use their time more efficiently and increase productivity.

Not only that, but this customer is also meeting the growing demand for vegetables in Canada. The consistency and improved quality of the vegetables gained the customer a wider market share and brought sustainable growth to their farming business.

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