Use automatic tray seeder machine for Malaysia’s vegetable supplier

A famous vegetable supplier in Malaysia decided to introduce a modern automatic tray seeder machine in order to expand the business scale and improve production efficiency.

After market research and comparative analysis, they chose Taizy automatic tray seeding machine, a customized model with double rows of drop seeds. Let’s take a look at why they chose us and how it works!

Features and advantages of automatic tray seeder machine

  • Fully automatic and efficient operation: Taizy Automatic Tray Seeder Machine can precisely control the seeding density and realize fast and uniform double-row seeding, which significantly reduces the labor cost and greatly improves the efficiency of seedling nursery.
  • Dual-row seeding function: The customized machine is equipped with a unique dual-row seeding design, which makes it possible to cover a wider working area in each operation, thus increasing the amount of seed sown per unit of time.
  • After-sales service: In addition, the professional training and technical support provided by us, as well as the timely and considerate after-sales service, also made you feel very satisfied and relieved in the process of using the machine.
Nursery full seeding line for vegetable seedlings
nursery full seeding line for vegetable seedlings

Package and deliver automatic nursery seedling machine to Malaysia

We packed the automatic tray seeder machine in a wooden crate and worked with a reliable logistics company to deliver it safely to Malaysia.

Actual application in Malaysia’s vegetable nursery

After this Malaysian customer introduced the Taizy Automatic Seeding Machine, the germination rate of vegetable seeds was significantly improved, and the seedlings grew more neatly and robustly.

At the same time, due to the reduction of manual intervention, the overall nursery cycle was shortened, which effectively accelerated the turnover speed of vegetable planting and met the needs of its expanding business.

Good customer feedback from Malaysia

The Malaysian customer highly evaluated the performance and benefits of our automatic double-row seeder, and believed that the machine had greatly improved their vegetable cultivation capacity, and the seedling rate and survival rate could reach over 99%.

In addition, the shortening of vegetable growth cycle makes it more convenient and faster for this Malaysian customer to provide vegetables.

Looking forward to automatic tray seeding machine inquiry!

Are you interested in fast seedlings raising? If so, contact us and we’ll help you maximize your benefits with the help of our seedling machine.

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