How to improve the seedlings efficiency?

Nowadays, with the rapid development of the times, agriculture is also quietly changing, this era is a world of efficiency. Previously, one year has one-season vegetables, now changed to two or three seasons in one year. But this change also indirectly leads to our vegetables needing to reach our needs in the shortest time. That also relies on the traditional manual seedling way is no way to achieve. How to improve the efficiency of seedlings is our urgent task.

Nursery tray manufacturing machine – applied for all vegetables, flowers, melons

Automatic seeder machine
automatic seeder machine

We have specially developed a new fully automatic hole tray seeder that can replace manual seed counting for seedlings, which improves the efficiency of seeding while ensuring the accuracy of seeds.

Principle of the nursery tray seeder for seedlings

First of all, let’s talk about its working principle. It mainly relies on the composition mode of combining air source and electric and adopts air-absorbing pressure hole and sowing, which not only ensures the safety of seeds but also can accurately spot sowing.

Working efficiency of the Taizy seeder machine

Secondly, its work efficiency. Relying on traditional manual sowing, if it is according to thirty people a day can do 600 trays of seedlings, and using the tray seedling machine, a machine only needs 3 to 4 people can complete the workload of more than 30 people, saving at least 10 times the labor.

For the automatic tray seeder machine, the efficiency of an hour can reach about 600 trays, it is an hour’s work that can replace manual workers in one day.

The future trend of the agricultural development

Mechanized agricultural development is the future trend. You do not use the machine and also rely on manual means than others part of the cost, low-efficiency means than others listed late, time is money, equivalent to spend two more money than others.

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