How to plant Hemp?

The hemp is popular in the United States, and farmers prefer to use automatic nursery seeding machine to cultivate it. But what should you know about hemp planting?

How To Plant Hemp? 3


Industrial hemp does not have high temperature requirements. It can germinate when the soil temperature is above 1 ° C. Generally, it is suitable to sow at 8-10 ° C. Seeds can survive at 3 to 5 ° C within 10 to 15 days after germination. When the temperature is -5 ° C, their growth will be delayed. However, if sufficient water and nutrients can be supplied, it will have little effect on future development and yield. Hemp likes cold environments, and the large temperature difference between day and night is conducive to improving the yield and quality of it.


Illumination has a significant effect on the growth of hemp. The better the light is, the faster the hemp grows. When cultivating, strong light is conducive to its growth, thereby increasing the final yield. Shortening the sunshine time can promote flowering, but the plants are short and the fiber yield is low. On the contrary, prolonging sunlight can delay flowering, however, due to the growth period is prolonged, the hemp grows taller and the fiber yield is higher.


Industrial hemp requires a large amount of water, and it needs 500-700mm of precipitation during the growing period. The soil moisture in the fast growing period should be high. When the water reaches 70% to 80%, the hemp can grow rapidly, which is good to increase fiber production.

The hemp is also resistant to drought and infertility. It will not be totally dead even in very barren land, but the yield is low.


Industrial hemp has high demand for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, with nitrogen being the most, potassium being the second, and phosphorus being the least. Combined application of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is able to increase yield.

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