Introduction of Flower Cave Plate Seedling Technology


For flower growers, seedling raising is a very important process, because it will affect the growth and harvest. The following briefly introduces a very easy-to-use flower seedling method: cave plate seedling method.

Development of Nursery Seedlings

David Koranski of the United States divided the growth period of cave plate seedling into four stages: the first stage is from sowing to the initial root (radicle) protruding the seed coat; the second stage is after the seed has germinated; the third stage is the seedlings should be fertilized; the fourth stage is seedlings grow 3 to 4 true leaves. We(Growers) should pay great attention to the management of each stage. The seedlings of the fourth stage can be transplanted or sold. Properly control water and fertilize before transplantation to avoid wilting and not affect its normal growth. If you are raising seedlings on a large scale, you can use a tractor-driven transplanter machine when transplanting. If it is sold, you can choose online or offline, so flower enthusiasts can buy plants online. It is also another income for growers.

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Four Stages Of Seedling Growth

The Advantages of Cave Plate Seedling

The characteristics of cave plate seedling are that each seedling has an independent space, water and nutrients are not competing with each other, the root system of the seedlings is complete, the survival rate after transplantation is close to 100%, the growth and development after transplantation is fast and neat, and the commodity rate is high. Therefore, the application of the cave plate seedling method in flower seedlings is a new development trend. It is also suitable for plant nursery, tree nursery, fruit tree nursery, bamboo nursery, greenhouse nursery, plant and flower nursery, etc.

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Introduction Of Flower Cave Plate Seedling Technology 3

The Value Analysis of Cave Plate Seedling

Small flower seeds and high prices are a prominent problem in flower production. Also, the seedling stage grows slowly, the seedling stage is too long, and the seedling rate is low. The high seed price leads to high costs, which affects the income of production and brings losses and risks to flower enterprises. The use of cave plate seedling can greatly improve the germination rate and neatness of flower seedling, shorten the incubation time, improve the price of flowers and commodity rate. Especially for the use of small seeds to seedling potted flowers and flower beds, is undoubtedly a very important technological progress.

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