Manual tray seeder for Australia for strawberry seedlings

Breaking news! One customer from Australia bought our manual tray seeder for strawberry seedlings raising. The Australian customer owns a greenhouse specializing in growing raspberries and strawberries, and plans to purchase a Taizy seedling machine for strawberry seedling cultivation experiments.

During the process, this customer was concerned about two points:

  • Production & shipping time: machine manufacturing time and shipping time to destination
  • Payment method: bank transfer or Alibaba pay

Detailed explanation of the above two points

Because of the customer’s demand, his primary concern is the production and shipment time of the manual tray seeder, and the specific time for the arrival of the sea shipment to Australia, to facilitate the advance arrangement of the seedling program. We elaborated on the time required: 5-7 days for stock preparation after receiving the payment, 25 days for sea transportation.

The customer asked about the choice of payment methods, hoping to trade through the Alibaba platform, hoping that we can clearly inform and assist in completing this link to ensure that the transaction is safe and convenient. We then drafted the order on the Alibaba platform to help complete the transaction.

Customization service and toolbox for the manual tray seeder

Given the characteristics of the strawberry plants and their existing facilities, our customers are particularly concerned about the compatibility of the nursery seeding machine with their existing hole tray sizes. To this end, we customized the manual tray seeder based on the exact hole size data provided by the customer to ensure that the machine is perfectly suited for strawberry seedling planting and nursery operations.

Seedlings tray size
seedlings tray size

In addition to this, we also equip our customers with a complete toolbox, which includes but is not limited to suction needles from size 1-5 (covering almost all seeds), sieves, connecting tubes, wrenches, and so on, all of which are provided free of charge.

Components of toolbox for nursery seeding machine
components of toolbox for nursery seeding machine

Contact us for more machine details!

If you also want to carry out the seedlings raising, welcome to contact us, we will provide you with the optimal solution and quotation.

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