Manual tray seeder machine for onion seedlings raising for another Zimbabwe client

In modern agricultural production in Zimbabwe, nursery is a crucial step in the planting process. Our customer wanted to purchase a seedling machine for onion seedlings to help modernize his agricultural machinery.

We provided a solution based on the customer’s needs, which are explained in detail below, as well as the advantages of our machines.

Customer needs

The Zimbabwean customer wanted to grow onions and was looking for a seedling solution that would increase planting efficiency and precision. The client needed an easy-to-use, efficient and stable manual tray seeder machine for onion seedling raising that could meet the specific needs of onion planting, such as planting depth and planting spacing.

Advantages of our manual tray seeder machine

  • Simplicity: Our semi-automatic nursery machines are simple to operate and easy to learn, so customers can get up and running quickly without complex training.
  • Planting precision: This manual tray seeder machine is equipped with precise planting parameter adjustments to ensure accurate positioning and even distribution of onion seeds, increasing planting success.
  • Efficient and stable: With strong stability and high working efficiency, the machine can meet the needs of customers for large-area planting, improve planting efficiency, and save time and labor costs.
  • Strong adaptability: Taizy nursery seed sowing machine is suitable for a variety of seeds and planting environment, and can flexibly respond to different planting needs, to provide customers with customized planting solutions.

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