200 tray/hour nursery seedling machine sold to Zambia

Taizy nursery seedling machine is specially designed for seedlings of various fruits and vegetables. This seedling machine is not only widely used, but also highly efficient and time-saving, which is more beneficial to those who are engaged in this business. In August 2022, a customer from Zambia ordered a KMR-78 nursery seeder machine from us.

The detailed process of the nursery seedling machine ordered by the Zambian customer

This Zambian customer has his own farming base and carries out vegetable farming to supply vegetables locally. According to his business plan, he now wants to start various vegetable seedlings. In order to speed up his seedlings and increase his business profit, he decided to buy a nursery seedling machine. So, he started looking online and after seeing our machine, he sent us an inquiry.


Our sales manager Coco contacted him right away after receiving his inquiry. After understanding his needs, Coco initially introduced him to our three types of seedling machines. After learning about the three models, the Zambian customer preferred the semi-automatic model, so Coco sent him the details of this machine.

After reading the information, the customer asked about the trays and indicated that he had 260cells of trays and would like the corresponding seeding part, Coco said that we would make the right parts for you when we build your nursery seedling machine. After solving these problems, the customer placed the order.

Semi-automatic nursery seeding machine parameters bought by the customer

Nursery seeder machineModel: KMR-78
Capacity: 200tray/hour
Size: 1050*650*1150mm
Weight: 68kg
Material: carbon steel

Also, the air compressor & accessories
1 set
AccessoriesSeeding part for 260 cell trays1 pc

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