Order onion transplanter machine for Indian farms

The Indian customer runs an agricultural machinery sales company and also engages in agricultural production. He has a 65HP tractor and can arrange ocean shipping and customs clearance.

This customer is interested in both 2-row and 4-row onion transplanter machines, hoping to find a device that suits his onion farms.

Customer specific needs

  • Efficient planting: The customer needed a transplanter that could significantly improve the efficiency of onion planting.
  • Compatibility with existing tractor: The equipment needed to be compatible with his existing 65HP tractor to ensure smooth operation.
  • Self-managed logistics: Since he can arrange his own shipping and customs clearance, the delivery of equipment needs to fit in with his logistics arrangements.
Vegetable transplanter for sale
vegetable transplanter for sale

Our solution

Equipment display and communication

We showed him the performance and working results of the 2-row and 4-row onion transplanters by sending detailed product pictures and working videos to ensure that he could fully understand the product features and advantages.

Recommended 2-row transplanter

After detailed discussion and communication, combined with the customer’s needs and existing equipment, we recommended a 2-row onion transplanter that is more suitable. Not only is this transplanter efficient, it also perfectly matches his 65HP tractor.

2-row transplanter
2-row transplanter

Customized logistics plan

After understanding that the customer can arrange shipping and customs clearance by himself, we work closely with him to provide detailed packaging and transportation plans to ensure that the equipment reaches him safely and smoothly.

Advantages of Taizy onion transplanter machine

  • 3600 plants/h: Our transplanter is well-designed and easy to operate, which can greatly improve planting efficiency and reduce manual labor.
  • Perfectly matched with a 65hp tractor: The 2-row seedling transplanter should be equipped with the power of ≥30, which is perfectly compatible.
  • High materials manufacturing: Taizy transplanting machine is sturdy and durable, adaptable to various agricultural environments, and has low maintenance costs.

Client feedback

He is very satisfied with the performance of the 2-row onion transplanter machine, and believes that this equipment not only improves planting efficiency, but also reduces labor costs. The efficiency and reliability of the transplanter give him confidence in his future agricultural production.

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