Customized plug tray seedling machine for Kazakhstan

A customer from Kazakhstan was particularly interested in the customizable function of our seedling machine, so he contacted us and wanted to build a customized plug tray seedling machine. He wanted a machine to only dig holes and water, because he directly planted the seedlings.

His requirements are:

  • Machine demands: conveyer+nursery seeding machine(soil container+digging holes+watering part)+converyor
  • Machine manufacturing time
  • Goods transportation
  • Multiple seedling trays: whether the machine is stable for various trays

Taizy suitable solution for Kazakhstan

In response to this customer’s needs, our plug tray seedling machine needs to be completely customized. As per his request, we removed the seeding part and the second soil convering function. Moreover, after finishing watering, we customized the 1.5m long conveyor belt (4 pcs) to facilitate this customer’s seedling operation.

Production time guarantee: We worked out a detailed production plan based on the customer’s time requirements and ensured that the automatic seeding machine was customized and produced on time to meet the customer’s urgent needs.

Transportation arrangement: We work closely with reliable logistics partners to provide safe and reliable transportation services to ensure that the seedling planter is not damaged during transportation and that it reaches the customer on time.

Feedback on cutomized plug tray seedling machine from Kazakhstan

Seedlings in the greenhouse
Seedlings In The Greenhouse

He says that our machine is favorable, and believes that the nursery machine plays an important role in planting work, improves production efficiency and planting quality, and brings substantial improvement to their agricultural production.

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