Pumpkin Transplanter and Self-Propelled Transplanter sold to Australia

Let’s take a look at what the sold two transplanting machines look like.

As we understand, the function of the transplanting machine is to help you grow crops quickly. So the same labor can grow more crops. According to previous customer feedback, 60-80 people used to grow onions or sugarcane. Now, with the help of a transplanter, 8 people can complete all the planting work.

The Australian Customers’Demand for Transplanting Machines

The Australian client has an agricultural aid project in Africa. He has contracted a lot of lands to grow vegetables. Therefore, in order to improve work efficiency, the client urgently needs transplanters to complete their planting tasks. So the customer ordered two transplanting machines from us. One is a 2-row transplanting machine, and the other is a three-row staggered transplanter. These two kinds of transplanters are self-propelled transplanting machines, and one is a tractor-drawn transplanting machine. He hopes to use these two transplanters to complete the transplantation of tomatoes, cabbage, pumpkin, and zucchini.

Customer case
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The Range of Transplanting Machine

The self-propelled transplanter machine does not require tractor traction, and it has its own gasoline engine to drive the machine forward, so manual traction is not required. The machine can be planted on flat ground or on ridges. The work efficiency is 3,600 seedlings in a single row and 7,200 seedlings in two rows in one hour. Our self-propelled transplanter can transplant lemon, watermelon, pumpkin, cabbage, cabbage, cucumber, broccoli, kale, radish, pepper, sweet potato, hemp, etc. The tractor-drawn transplanter has a wider range than the self-propelled transplanter, which can also transplant densely planted plants, such as onions, celery, chrysanthemums, and so on.

Self propeld transplanting machine
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How to Buy a Suitable Pumpkin Transplanter

First you have to tell us what you are transplanting?

Next, tell us whether you need to plant on ridges or on flat ground?

Then you have to tell us what the planting spacing and row spacing you want to plant?

After that, we will customize the transplanting machine for you according to your needs.

Transplanter machine
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The Details of Self-Propelled Transplanter Machine

Australian Customer Machine Shipment

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