550-600 trays/h seedling machine for Russian lettuce plantations

The Russian customer owns a high-tech lettuce greenhouse and decided to purchase our vegetable nursery seedling machine to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the lettuce nursery. The customer had been using a seedling machine for 10 years and wanted to upgrade the equipment to keep up with the times, and had the following requirements:

  1. Transportation: wants to pick up goods at his location.
  2. Spare parts: if damaged, how to repair or replace them in time to ensure the machine’s smooth work?
  3. Payment: due to local bank policy, what is the best way to pay quickly & smoothly?
  4. Machine test run before delivery: carry out the machine testing before delivery for the machine in good condition.

Our solution

Customer worriesSolution from Taizy
TransportationWe provide the customer with transportation service directly to the destination warehouse to pick up the goods, and take care of all the customs clearance procedures.
Customers do not need to worry about transportation and customs clearance, just wait for the seedling machine to arrive safely.
Spare partsThis nursery seedling machine is fully equipped with accessories, has low maintenance and long service life.
In order to make sure that our customers are not affected in the process of using the machine, we also provide perfect after-sales service.
If there is any problem with the machine, you can contact us at any time, we will provide timely solutions to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
PaymentFor customers’ payment demand, we can arrange the payment method according to the negotiation between both parties.
Whether it is prepayment, installment or other forms of payment, we do our best to satisfy both parties and make the cooperation smoother.
Machine test run before deliveryAfter the production of the automatic seeding machine is completed, we will arrange to carry out a machine trial.
Through the test run, we can ensure the normal operation of the machine and help customers understand how to operate and maintain the equipment correctly to ensure its long-term stable operation.
Solutions to the concerns of Russian customer

By choosing our PLC model nursery machine, the Russian customer successfully solved the problem of improving efficiency and accuracy.

Purchase list for Russia

Nursery seedling machineNursery Seedling Machine
Model: KMR-78-2 with watering part
Capacity:550-600trays/hour the speed of the tray can be adjusted
Principle: Electrical and air compressor
System: Automatic photoelectric counting system
Material: Stainless steel
Voltage:220V /110V 600w
Size for seed:0.2- 15mm
Width of tray:《540mm
Size: 5600*800*1600mm
Weight: 580kg
1 set
Power:5.5Kw+5.5Kw electric motor
Size:2.6* 1.15* 1. 12m
Extra 2 sets of sheave and belt
1 pc
Power: 370w
Material: stainless steel
Size: 3000*500*350mm
Weight: 120kg
1 pc
order list for Russia

Do you want to improve your seedling nursery efficiency and accuracy? If yes, come and contact us for more machine details and prices!

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