The classification of greenhouse for automatic nursery seeder

When cultivating seeds by automatic nursery seeder, it is necessary to place the machine to the greenhouse in order to get enough illumination and proper temperature. But what are the types of greenhouses? Until

Thin-film greenhouse

The top of the greenhouse is formed in a circular arc shape, and the skeleton is all made of hot-dip galvanized steel frame. Besides, it also is equipped with shading cooling, ventilation cooling, skylight and other systems. The top and the periphery of the this greenhouse are covered with drip-free PO film, and you also can use double-layer film to enhance the thermal insulation effect. The price of this kind of greenhouse is reasonable and it is widely favored by consumers.

Solar panel greenhouse

Solar panel greenhouses are generally divided into two types, that is, spire type and dome type. The top and other sides of the greenhouse are covered with special solar panels, which have UV and anti-fog coatings on the surface. The price of a dome-type solar panel greenhouse is higher than that of a thin-film greenhouse

Glass greenhouse

Glass seedling greenhouses generally adopt a spire structure, and the framework is made of hot-dip galvanized steel. It is surrounded by glass and the top is made of glass or solar panels. The structure of this greenhouse has a large span, up to 12 meters. Such space is very convenient for farmers to move automatic nursery seeder or other equipment. In addition, due to spacious space, you can also install seedbeds, sprinkler irrigation, drip pipes, water and fertilizer facilities here.

If you are a farmer who specialize in cultivating different kinds of vegetable and flower seeds by automatic nursery seeder in the greenhouse, the above knowledge is very crucial for you. It really can help you to build a proper greenhouse according to your situation so as to increase the final yield.

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