The difference on the development of seed nursery sowing machine at home and abroad

Seed nursery sowing machine planting, as one of the main methods of seedling cultivation, why has it developed? What is the development status of plug tray seedlings at home and abroad? What are the experiences of foreign plug seedlings for reference?

Seed nursery sowing machine 
Seed Nursery Sowing Machine 

How did it develop?

The rapid development of nursery machine in recent years has benefited from the combined effect of self and external factors

Own cause-outstanding advantages

The traditional seedling method of direct seeding has low uniformity, long slow seedling period, and low survival rate, while seed nursery sowing machine planting have high uniformity, short seedling period. you can get strong plants without any pests, which is beneficial to the production of vegetables.

External causes-mechanized production requirements

With the development of the industry, people have a high demand to save energy resources and reduce costs. Meanwhile, intensive production with high working efficiency has gradually become a trend. The traditional planting method is difficult to meet the requirements of modern mechanized production. The quality of nursery machine is high with automatic performance.

External causes-modern scientific and technological progress

1. Realization of environmental regulation. The original field production depends on natural weather and it is difficult to form an autonomously controlled environment. While seed nursery sowing machine can fully meet the demand of seedlings growth such as temperature and humidity.

2. Update of the equipment. Such as the development of mechanized and automated production tools.

3. Establishment of production system. Programmatic and intelligent operation process and management.

Requirements for seeds

While modern mechanized production promotes the development of nursery machine, it also puts forward higher quality requirements for the seeds themselves.

In the past, two indicators, germination rate and emergence rate, were used to measure the quality of seeds. At present, the seedling rate and the strong seedling rate are the key to judge seed quality. The realization of the 100% seedling rate requires follow-up of supporting technologies such as cultivating and deep processing of seeds. Now, the commonly used deep-processing technology of seeds mainly include detailed, coating Coated, Primed and Pelleted.

What should be noted?

Relying on the development of cultivating technology, the quality of vegetable seeds has improved with consistent traits and high yield. However,correspondingly, the price has also increased. Everyone generally thinks that such expensive seeds should be good seeds, but why are they bad? The problem does not lie in the seeds, but in the production environment. The production of good varieties of seedlings has relatively high requirements on the environment.

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