The irrigation technology for vegetable transplanting machine

When transplanted by vegetable transplanting machine, these vegetable seedlings need to be irrigated well. Today i will introduce you some irrigation technology.

Ditch irrigation can cause high humidity in the shed, serious vegetable pests and diseases, wasting water. In addition to furrow irrigation, there are many other irrigation methods.

Vegetable transplanting machine
Vegetable Transplanting Machine
Drip irrigation for crop
Drip Irrigation

Micro-spray belt irrigation system

It Includes the water supply equipment,pipe installed together with it, and the micro-spray belt.

The advantages of micro-spray belt irrigation system

According to different models and specifications of the micro-spray belt, a complete field micro-spray belt irrigation system can be formed, which effectively improves the reliability of the micro-spray belt irrigation system. The micro-spray belt irrigation system is mainly used in large-scale food production.

Applicable vegetables: radish, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, celery, etc.

Anti-blocking drip irrigation

The drip irrigation water is relatively slow. If it is planted in August or September,you shall start it in advance. A continuous spiral flow channel is set inside the drip irrigation belt, and the water outlet is evenly arranged on the flow channel. The spiral flow channel is adopted to change the existing drip irrigation flow channel mode, so that the water is discharged more uniformly and has the ability to resist clogging. The water outlet is wide to filter out impurities and sediment in the water.

Suitable for vegetables: greenhouse cucumber, tomato, eggplant, sweet pepper, strawberry, watermelon, etc.

Micro-spray belt under film

The volume of water emitted by the micro-spray is relatively large. When making a high spray, it must be high on both sides and low in the middle. It is a combination of sub-membrane planting technology and micro-spraying technology. This micro-spraying belt is different from the micro-spraying belt on the field. It has specifications that are suitable for greenhouse use.

New type infiltration irrigation system

It consists of a low-pressure automatic irrigation device, a PE pipe water pipe, and an underground seepage irrigation pipe. It overcomes the problems of uneven water discharge and excessively large amount of water in the current infiltration irrigation equipment in China. However, the cost is relatively high. At present, infiltration irrigation is mainly used for family vegetable cultivation.

Quantitative irrigation bag

It consists of two parts: a water pipe and an infiltration bag. The infusion bag is a pocket type with one end closed. According to the soil water penetration radius, you can determine the gap between the water outlets on the bag to ensure that the soil is moist.

The quantitative infiltration bag is suitable for different types of vegetables with row spacing and different growth periods, and has good practicability. The water level hole design is used for quantitative adjustment, which is convenient and feasible.

If you buy a vegetable transplanting machine, it is necessary for you to know the above irritation knowledge, since it really plays an important role during the seedlings growing period.

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