The Mauritius customers visited tested nursery seeding machine in our factory

The couple from Mauritius test the nursery sowing machine in October, and they want to plant onion seedlings.

Seeding machine test
Nursery Seeding Machine Test Site

They were ready for the onion seeds before coming to factory, and carried out the test once they saw nursery seeding machine.

How is the test of nursery seeding machine?

Seeding machine onion seeds
Onion Seeds
Seeding machine trays
Seedling Trays

They were shocked by the fully automatic operation, which can save much time and energy. They have a semi-automatic nursery seeding machine, and it is not convenient to use, so they decide to buy a new one.

Seeding machine onion seeds test
Seeding Machine Test

After testing, they still had some problems, so our sales manager discussed with them in our office, explaining the details of this nursery seeding machine patiently. During the conversation, we knew that they had a big farmland to plant onion, and then sell the ripe onion to the market.

Seeding machine customer
Nursery Seeding Machine Customer Photo

They paid the deposit after confirming all the things. Now, the machine is in the way, and they will receive it soon.

Seeding machine 2
Automatic Nursery Seeding Machine Test

What should be considered when planting onion?

1.It is necessary to choose suitable land to cultivate onions. The soil should be sandy soil and light clay with high content of organic. Besides, the terrain is flat, which makes it convenient to drainage and irrigate.

2. The seedbed should be 20 meters in length and 1.5 meters wide. Before seeding, the seedbed should be watered. After sowing, cover 2cm thick soil in time, and then cover with straw or film, which is good for heat preservation and moisture retention. After the onion emerges, the seedbed should be moist.

3. When transplanting, remove the injured seedlings, pest seedlings, and rotten seedlings, and classify and manage them according to the size of seedlings. Large seedlings can be properly controlled, and small seedlings need to increase fertilizer and water to promote its growth.

4. The planting density must be reasonable to achieve the highest yield. Generally suitable row spacing is 14 cm and plant spacing is 13 cm.

5. After transplanting, the amount of watering each time should be small, and it can be divided into multiple times.

6. It is easy to produce various diseases when planting onions. You must carefully observe the situation of diseases and insect pests, and use drugs to control them in time.

Please contact us to know more if you are interested in this automatic nursery seeding machine

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