The skills to manage vegetables of automatic nursery machine in winter

The weather is cold in winter and there are many haze days, which is not conducive to the growth and flowering of vegetables. The vegetables cultivated by automatic nursery machine are mainly carried out in sunlight greenhouses. It is necessary to do a good job to keep warm and cold to ensure the high yield of vegetables.

Greenhouse building

What should you do towards the temperature of greenhouse?

Carefully check the insulation status of the greenhouse, and measure the temperature of the greenhouse at different times during the night. For greenhouses which temperature does not meet the requirements for crop growth, you shall carefully analyze the reasons and take early measures.

How to deal with window?

The window should be filled with leaves or straws to keep warm. It can be covered with thermal insulation quilt with a thickness of about 10cm, or a layer of rainproof material as well.

Heat preservation curtains should be hung inside and outside the door. At night, you should cover with a straw curtain with a height of 1m.

The cold-proof ditch filled with leaves or straw can block cold air. Measures such as multi-layer covering in the greenhosue and double-layer insulation covering outside the greenhouse is useful to increase the temperature.

Do i need to clear snow in time?

In snowy days, clear the snow on the greenhouse in time to prevent the snow from melting on the insulation quilt to reduce its insulation effect. It is necessary to ensure that the temperature in the greenhouse is above 12 ° C, and to allow the crops to receive scattered light.

What i can not do during snowy days?

On snowy and cloudy days, you can nor fertilize, watering and prune the seedlings. For some large-span greenhouses with poor frame rigidity, you should reinforce the greenhouse scaffolds in time to prevent it from collapsing when snowing. If it is extremely cold days, you should use heating blocks,electric heating furnaces and other equipment for heating to avoid damage to seedlings.

What’s the harm in the cloudy and hazy weather?

Cloudy and hazy weather has a large adverse effect on the greenhouse, which is likely to cause the weakening of light, temperature and humidity in the greenhouse. Low light, low temperature, and high humidity are also one of the main reasons for the high incidence of pests and diseases. Therefore, supplementary light, dehumidification, and heating should be carried out to ensure the healthy growth of winter greenhouse vegetables.

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