Three times! Why he bought automatic tray seeding machine from us?

The customer from The united states have placed order from us about automatic tray seeding machine for three times. Why does he pretty trust us and buy this machine from again and again?

Hemp field at night
Seedling Trays

The story about the first automatic tray seeding machine for sale

He sent us an inquiry in the May, 2018, and required a professional automatic tray seeding machine for cultivating hemp that is very popular in the USA.

We have conducted many tests about hemp seeds, so our sales manager sent the hemp seeds testing video for him. He was shocked by the full-automatic operation, especially the absorbing nozzle is able to pick the seeds with high speed, which is really a new technology.

He has a strict requirement on this automatic tray seeding machine, and the survival rate of hemp seedlings must be more than 98%, since only in this way can he gain benefit. Low survival rate absolutely brings him great loss.

Our machine can totally meet his demand, for one tray only is able to contain one seeds that avoid the occurrence of disease and greatly improves the survival rate. After knowing that, this customer said he still needs to negotiate with his partner, and then can make a decision.

We kept in touch with him, and solved his problems out as long as he had any problems. Finally, he bought automatic tray seeding machine from us in one month since he sent us an inquiry.

Hemp plant
The Hemp Field Of This Customer

The good feedback about automatic nursery seeding machine

One day, he sent us a picture about his hemp field, and noted that all the hemp seedlings grow well.

In the picture, he held the hemp seedling tray on his hand, and he was very happy about it because he would earn a lot by planting them. Our automatic nursery seeding machine truly helps him to expand his business.

So, he plans to buy the second machine from us.

Hemp field
Greenhouse Frame
Hemp greenhouse
Hemp Seedlings Greenhouse

The third machine was delivered to The United States

After one year, his business have been growing day by day, and everything is going in the right direction. To help his son to lean how to plant hemp seedlings and then inherit his business, he contacted us again and said that he would buy a new one again.

A good machine is always highly praised by its customer, which can be reflected by their good feedback. We will always keep our original aspiration, and integrate modern technology to produce automatic tray seeding machine with high quality.

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