Tobacco/Marijuana Paper Pot Transplanter Realizes Mechanized Cultivation

Why Transplanted Marijuana and Tobacco?

When marijuana or tobacco is grown in small pots, the roots of the plant penetrate the soil and cover the available space in the soil. Space is easily limited by the amount of soil, which in turn depends on the size of the container. When the plant continues to grow in the space that is not enough to maintain its growth, the roots will stretch into every available space, resulting in a state called root binding. Restrictions on root expansion will ultimately reduce the growth of cannabis or tobacco and affect its production. This is why transplantation is important. Knowing how to transplant tobacco or marijuana is especially important because the wrong transplanting method can affect or destroy your growing business.


What should we transplant marijuana or tobacco? Of course, it is machinery to replace labor, so that the transplanting can be mechanized.

Advantages of Mechanical Transplanter

At present, the labor efficiency of manual transplanting is very low. Every person planting about 0.05 acres of seedlings per day, the cost of artificial transplanting is about 120-150 US dollars/1.6 acres, and there are problems such as high labor intensity and poor transplanting quality. The efficiency of mechanized transplanting is about 2 acres per person per day and the cost is about 30-60 US dollars/1.6 acres. The realization of mechanized operations from nursery seedling to transplanting can not only improve the quality of seedlings, reduce the cost of raising seedlings, but also increase economic benefits, especially in areas where the spring drought is severe, or there is little rain in spring, and the summer drought comes earlier. The transplanter of marijuana and tobacco is of great significance, so our company has designed a paper pot transplanter machine with excellent performance that is suitable for the national conditions of various countries and has been exported to many countries, especially the United States. It has become an important machine for the mechanized production of tobacco and marijuana.

Marijuana transplantyer
Marijuana Transplantyer

Features of Tobacco Paper Pot Transplanter Machine

Transplanting tobacco is one of the important processes in field operations. The use of tobacco transplanter can complete processes such as trenching, planting seedlings, and paving soil at one time. In the process of transplanting cannabis or tobacco, it can achieve no damage to seedlings, no missed planting, uniform plant spacing, upright cannabis, and even death, which greatly improves the efficiency of cannabis transplantation. This is why tobacco transplanters are popular. The paper pot transplanter machine is characterized by seedling storage, seedling dividing device, seedling throwing device, chain seedling drum belt, soil covering suppression device, and suspension device respectively that set on the frame. Therefore, the size of the cannabis transplanter can be reduced, making it more suitable for cannabis transplantation in protected areas, small mountain plots, and fast corners, reducing the labor intensity of farmers, and improving the level of mechanized operations.

The Application Filed for Tobacco Transplanter Machine

Buying a tobacco transplanter, you can also transplant marijuana, greenhouse vegetables, and field vegetables, fruits, and crops. Just sitting on the machine that only needs to replenish the seedlings in the supply cup of the turntable to complete the transplanting. Even women and elderly people can cast seedlings.

What Transplanter Machine for Sale

Many crops can be transplanted mechanically, such as hemp transplanting, sapling transplanting, onion transplanting, pepper transplanting, and tomato transplanting, etc. According to the characteristics of each crop, we have a special hemp transplanter, tree transplanter, onion transplanter, paper pot transplanter, pepper transplanter. etc. 

If you want to realize planting mechanization through transplanter, please contact us as soon as possible.

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