KMR-78 tray seeding machine for sale to Zimbabwe for vegetable seed sowing

The Zimbabwean customer operates a plantation for 2-3 years, focusing on vegetable cultivation in plastic greenhouses. He was looking for a tray seeder machine for his business to meet the following:

  • Seeds to be planted: tomatoes, pepper, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce and others, only vegetables
  • Seedlings tray: length 66.8cm, width 34.4cm, height 6cm
  • Aim: improve vegetable seed sowing efficiency

Our solution for Zimbabwe

According to his needs, we have the suitable tray seeding machine for sale. The detailed solution is stated below:

Customize the nursery seedling machine

Based on the customer’s burrow tray size, we adjusted the design of the machine to ensure precision and efficiency in seed raising. This customized service allows customers to better adapt to the needs of growing different types of vegetables.

Choice of air transportation

Because the client needed this seedling machine urgently, and given the distance between the client’s location in Zimbabwe and our place of supply, the client opted for airfreight. We then arranged a fast and reliable transportation service to ensure that the seedling nursery machine arrived at the customer’s plantation in time and did not affect the production plan.

Payment issue resolution

On the payment issue, the customer raised some concerns. In order to solve this problem, we provide a variety of flexible payment methods, including installment payment, bank transfer, Alibaba payment and so on. Through full communication and cooperation with the client, we successfully resolved the payment issue and made the client feel relieved.

Looking forward to your order!

Are you looking for automatic seeding machine for vegetable, melon and flower seedling? Our tray seeding machine for sale can not only help you to realize this goal, but we also have a full understanding of customer needs and attentive service. Contact us for more information!

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