8-row vegetable seedling transplanter for Paraguay onion planting

A farmer customer in Paraguay needed to transplant onion seedlings on a large scale, but manual transplanting was inefficient and labor-intensive. In his search for a solution, he came across the Taizy vegetable seedling transplanter and was interested in its efficiency, precision and labor-saving features.

Machine selection and customization

After in-depth communication with our Taizy sales team, the customer chose a model suitable for transplanting onion seedlings, i.e. an 8-row transplanter. Because he has his own tractor, he chose the tractor type. In addition, he also put forward his own special needs: irrigation tape.

We carried out customized service according to his needs, adding drip irrigation tape on top of the machine itself, including adjusting the transplanting depth, row spacing and plant spacing and other parameters, to ensure that the vegetable seedling transplanter can meet the customer’s planting requirements.

Customer feedback about vegetable seedling transplanter

After using the Taizy seedling transplanter machine, the customer was very satisfied with the performance of the equipment. Below are some key points of his feedback:

  • Efficient transplanting: Taizy vegetable seedling transplanter can complete the transplanting of onion seedlings quickly and accurately, which greatly improves working efficiency and saves labour costs.
  • Precise positioning: The transplanter can accurately control the depth and position of the transplant according to the preset parameters, which ensures the growth quality and yield of onion seedlings.
  • Saving labour: Using automatic vegetable transplanter can reduce manual involvement, reduce labour intensity and work risk, so that farmers have more time and energy to devote to other agricultural production activities.
Onion seedlings growing well in the fields
onion seedlings growing well in the fields

After-sales service and support provided by Taizy for Paraguay

In the process of using the vegetable seedling transplanter, this customer encountered some operation and maintenance problems, our team provided timely technical support and after-sales service to help him solve the problems and ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Therefore, this Paraguayan customer is highly recognized and satisfied with Taizy’s after-sales service.

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