How to make ridge before using tomato transplanting machine?

When planting tomatoes with tomato transplanting machine, the way of ridge is different on different soils. Clay, loam, saline-alkali land, paddy soil, etc. can keep the soil moist for a long time under the condition of large-water irrigation. Therefore, the high ridge cultivation is recommended. The gravel soil has good permeability, but it can not keep the weak water and fertilizer for a long time. If it is made into high ridges it is likely to cause root water shortage, so it is better to use semi-high ridges.

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What is high ridge cultivation?

The width of the ridge is 20 cm and the height from the ridge surface to the operating channel is 30 cm. The watering ditch between the two ridges is around 25-30 cm, and the watering depth is 20 cm. The operating channel is generally 60-70 cm.

What should you note when using high-ridge planting?

High-ridge irrigation is suitable for growing tomatoes with tomato transplanting machine. What you should note is that the bottom of the watering ditch must be higher than the ground of the operation line.

Why is it recommended that the bottom of the ditch must be higher than the operating channel?

This can prevent excessive soil moisture caused by irrigation. After the water flows through the bottom of the ditch, if the amount of water you irrigate is too large, it will infiltrate to the position of the operating channel. That is to say, the water content in the soil will not remain too much for a long time, and it has little effect on the root system. What’s more, it is better to plant on the ridge surface.

What are the benefits of planting on the ridge surface?

Generally, farmers are planted on the half-slope of the ridge, but we recommend you plant on the center of the ridge surface. Why? Because it can ensure both sides of the root system can develop well at the same time. The ridge must be in place since the volume of the ridge represents the volume of the tomato root system. The smaller the ridge is, the pooer the tomato root system will be.

What should I pay attention to after covering the film?

After covering the film, you shall avoid the film touching the bottom of the watering ditch. The center of the ditch must be supported by items such as wooden sticks.

After supporting the film, the watering ditch forms a small climatic environment. When the sun is shining during the day, the temperature in the ditch is about 3-5 ° C higher than the temperature in the greenhouse. It can effectively raise the ground temperature in winter. If the film is directly attached to the bottom of the watering ditch, it is not conducive to raising the temperature.

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