How to plant cantaloupe in a greenhouse?

Cantaloupe has high nutritional value, and taste sweet and crisp. It is often planted in greenhouses with cantaloupe seeding machine. How to daily manage cantaloupe cultivation? let me explain the main points for you.

Melon seedling
Cantaloupe Seedlings

The requirement to greenhouse

Since the cantaloupe seedlings like a warm and humid environment, it needs sufficient sunlight during the growth process. Thus, it is necessary to use seeding machine in greenhouse that can meet the growth conditions of the cantaloupe, increasing the yield and quality of it.

The organic mass in the soil should reach more than 2.0%, and the pH value should be between 7 and 8. In addition, the salt content of the soil layer must be less than 0.4%. As for the field, it must be fertile, and convenient for irrigation.

When choosing varieties, it is best to choose cantaloupe that is pure and suitable for greenhouse cultivation. High-quality varieties have a germination rate of more than 95%, strong disease resistance,and can be stored for a long time.

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What to do at the seedling stage?

The cantaloupe seedling period is very critical, and the quality of cantaloupe is closely related to it. During this time, the condition of the seedlings needs to be strictly observed, and if dead seedlings occur, you should timely replenish it. Before planting, we need to remove those thin and weak seedlings. You also should control the planting temperature, since the seedlings have different temperature requirements at each stage. It should be noted that the temperature should not be too high at night, otherwise it will have a great impact on its growth.

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How to control the amount of fertilizer?

During the growth of cantaloupe, the demand for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium three fertilizers is the largest, and the ripe period is also the period that needs highest fertilizer. You should master the principles of fertilizer use so as to promote its growth. When fertilizing, you shall pay attention to cover a layer of soil to prevent it contact with the root system of the seedlings, which may burn the seedlings and roots.

After the plants bloom and pollinate, the fruits begin to grow. At this time, the leaves and cantaloupe fruit grow rapidly, which is also the peak period of fertilizer demand. It is necessary to use 10 kg of high-nitrogen potassium compound fertilizer every day and water it uniformly.

When cantaloupe is blooming, potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution can be used to spray the leaves that can effectively improve the taste and yield of cantaloupe.

When the cantaloupe matures, it is necessary to adjust the soil pH to 6.5 to 7, and increase the calcium fertilizer and calcium phosphate in the soil to make the fruit skin brighter, improving the sugar content of the fruit.

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What should be noted?

Cantaloupe fruit also needs to control water after the fruits begins to grow. When the rainfall is heavy, the fruit will split to varying degrees between the peel and the pulp. You can use pliers to clip the vines to control the overall growth of it, preventing the melon from cracking due to absorb too much water.

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