Self-Propelled Cauliflower Transplanter to Finland

The self-propelled transplanter we sold to Finland is a crawler type, which can work on flat ground or on ridges.

The power of this crawler self-propelled transplanter machine can be a diesel engine, gasoline engine, electric motor, the electric motor is Japan’s very good brand Mitsubishi. This customer uses the motor as the power of the machine.

Overview of customer demand for transplanting machines

The customer wants the machine to be used in the greenhouse, so our business manager recommended this 4-row crawler self-propelled transplanter to him. In order to meet the customer’s transplanting needs, our business manager understands clearly about the customer all the questions of transplanting.

In order to better set up the transplanting machine for the customer, we need to know several requirements of the transplantation, and at the same time solve several problems that the customer had about the self-propelled transplanter.

We need to know the following needs of customers for crawler self-propelled transplanting.

What plant do you want to transplanter?


How many rows do you want to transplant, what is the plant spacing and row spacing

4 row

Plant spacing: 12 cm

Row spacing: 32 cm


The above results are determined by our engineers based on the customer’s greenhouse details and the customer’s transplanting needs. We also draw pictures for it to show the working principle of the machine.

For the self-propelled transplanter, customers asked us the following questions

1. The customer asked whether the transplanting machine can be equipped with a covering device?

The machine can be equipped with such devices as film, sprinkler, and soil. It can achieve many types of functions

2. What is the difference between the size of the machine with and without laminating device?

As far as this 4-row transplanter is concerned, the size of our transplanter is 2*1.8*2–without film cover device(length*width*height), and is 2.2*1.8*2-with film cover device.

3. The customer asked whether the plant spacing of the machine is adjustable?

Yes, it can be adjusted. If your current plant spacing is 12cm, it can do: 12-15 12-18 12-20, the maximum is 12-22. it should be setting well at the factory.

4. What are the accessories of the client machine?

The accessories of the vegetable transplanter machine are yanked chain, chainlink, seedling cup. The customer in Finland bought another set of accessories.

5. The customer asked how the machine works?

Our sales consultant sent him a working video.

About Our Production of Vegetable Transplanter Machine

In fact, we have many types of transplanting machines for different customers, rice transplanting machines with different rows, vegetable transplanting machines, pepper transplanting machines, onion transplanting machines, tomato transplanting machines, tobacco transplanters, and chrysanthemum transplanting machines, etc. At the same time, we also have wheeled transplanters and transplanting machines pulled by tractors. In short, we have many types of transplanters. Together with our professional agricultural machinery designers and international sales managers, we will recommend one for you Accurate transplanter.

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