Seven techniques for vegetables cultivation of nursery machine

In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards, the pursuit of quality of life has become higher and higher, thereby promoting the rapid development of agricultural greenhouses. Vegetable greenhouse cultivation guarantees that fresh vegetables are available all year round, and it also brings entrepreneurship opportunities to many farmers. More and more people are importing nursery machine to develop their business from China. Greenhouse cultivation management is the key and also the fundamental to improve the quality and yield of vegetables. So what vegetable greenhouse cultivation techniques do you need to know?

Nursery machine shed
Nursery Machine

Greenhouse film

This new type of film is added with resin materials such as polyvinyl acetate (EVA), which has the advantages of high light transmittance, good thermal insulation and long service life.

Multi-layer covering and heat preservation technology for winter and spring

 This technology is very beneficial to countries with insufficient heat resources in winter and rainy weather in early spring. By adopting the “three greenhouse, four film” (big greenhouse, middle greenhouse,small greenhouse and land film), it can effectively increase the night temperature inside the greenhouse, and the temperature difference between the inside and outside can reach 4.5 ° C, which helps the vegetables to survive in the cold winter. In addition to the film, the inner covering material can also be straw curtains and non-woven fabrics, etc.

Micro-irrigation technology

We advocate micro-irrigation for greenhouse, which can effectively control the salinity of the soil, saving manpower and water consumption and reducing the humidity in the greenhouse. Besides, it can reduce pests. You can choose drip irrigation with advanced performance,and the service life can reach 3-5 years.

CO2 particle technology

CO2 concentration in the greenhouse can be increased by applying CO2 granular fertilizer. This also promotes the growth and development of vegetables and reduces falling flowers and fruits. Most important, it is able to promote quality and yield of vegetables

Shading and cooling technology

Covering a black shading net on the top of the greenhouse can reduce the temperature effectively, decreasing the impact of heavy rain on vegetables. It can be used to grow fast-growing leafy vegetables in summer.

Anti-insect cultivation technology

You can cover the greenhouse with a film, and install a 22-mesh plastic net around it to prevent pests.

Shelter from rain technology

Keep the roof film of the greenhouse and ventilate it around, which is applied in rainy seasons to prevent rain washout and stains.

The development of vegetable greenhouse cultivation technology can be said to be a trend. Recent years, the diversity of vegetables will be further increased. Greenhouses can make up for the seasonal shortage of some vegetables,

The construction process of vegetable greenhouses is relatively simple and the technology is relatively fine. China’s vegetable supply is mainly based on vegetable greenhouse cultivation, that’s why the use of nursery machine is becoming more and more widespread.

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