Crawler-type 6-row onion seedling transplanter for Lybia

In a large vegetable farm in Libya, due to the large planting area, low efficiency and high cost of manual transplanting, the farmer urgently needs to introduce efficient mechanized equipment to improve the efficiency of onion transplanting. After many comparisons and inspections, the customer finally chose the 6-row crawler onion seedling transplanter from Taizy.

Product selection and customized service

According to the customer’s planting scale and needs, we recommended a 6-row tracked onion seedling transplanter suitable for large-area onion planting, and adjusted specific parameters of the machine, including transplanting depth, plant spacing, row spacing, etc., to adapt to the local soil conditions and onion growth requirements.

At the same time, our professional team also provided detailed training and technical guidance services on the use of the machine.

Application effect of onion seedling transplanter

  • Efficient operation: Taizy 6-row tracked onion transplanting machine dramatically increases the transplanting speed on the farm, significantly reduces manpower input and saves a lot of labour time.
  • Precise transplanting: The equipment ensures precise positioning and even distribution of onion seedlings, which is conducive to neat growth and high yield in the later stages of the crop.
  • Strong stability: With the track design, the machine can maintain stable operation even in the complex and changing farmland environment, which effectively improves the quality of operation.

Customer feedback and after-sales service

This customer is very satisfied with the performance of Taizy onion transplanter machine, and believes that it has greatly improved the seedlings‘ planting productivity and economic benefits of the farm.

In the process of subsequent use, the timely and considerate after-sales service provided by us, such as regular maintenance, technical questions and answers, and spare parts replacement, etc., have been highly evaluated by the customer.

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