Tray seeding machine – future tendency in agriculture

Where are the opportunities in the future of agriculture? To tell you the truth it’s in the cavity tray seeding machine. I say this with certain reference to the market environment as a condition.

Advantages of seedlings raised by Taizy tray seeding machine

  1. Save land area. Using the nursery seeding machine to raise the seedlings.
    • Three-dimensional space can maximize the use of land within a limited area.
    • The tray seedling can be placed in layers, no longer limited to the area of land.
    • Realize the effect of sowing seedlings, growing, and even fruiting in the tray.
  2. Anti-seasonal harvest. The demand for vegetables is very large, and only relying on the traditional sowing mode, there is no way to achieve our needs. With the hole tray seedling completely changing the status, we can eat the vegetables we want to eat all year round.
  3. Simple and easy to use. Even if you are not a professional, you can quickly operate the automatic nursery seeder machine and easily raise good seedlings.

Taizy nursery tray seeding machine – multifunctional & mechanical

This machine is a vegetable tray seeder, but also a herb tray nursery machine, and also an agricultural nursery machine, can be said to be a multi-purpose machine, and the function is also very powerful.

This automatic cavity tray seeding machine contains six functions: loading tray, scraping, digging, sowing, covering soil, and scraping. The key is that only three or four people can complete the operation, which saves labor, seeds, and cost.

How does the tray seeding machine for sale operate? – take the manual seeding machine as an example

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